It's amazing the rumours that can be ignited by a single myspace page. After the appearance of a myspace music page under the name White Antelope, featuring two songs by Robin Pecknold, there's been serious speculation that the Fleet Foxes frontman is about to embark on a solo sideproject.

The songs featured on the page are indubitably Fleet Foxes-esque, with the same reverberating plucked acoustic guitar and characteristic vocals, only lacking the body of their four part black harmonies.

The panic may be overblown though, as one of the two songs, False Knight On The Road is rumoured to be the B-Side of forthcoming Fleet Foxes single, Mykonos. According to reports, it will also feature on re-released special editions of last year's self-titled Fleet Foxes debut. White Antelope's myspace page claims "This is our first serious co-branding initiative with Microsoft's animal-named music group software Fleet Foxes," suggesting that this project will run in parallel to Fleet Foxes rather than in competition. It also has pictures of The Gnomes under "Band Members." Does anyone else remember The Gnomes... well now I feel old