The Flatlake Festival will not be taking place this year. The literary and arts festival said they had initially entertained the idea of taking a hiatus year in 2012 but pressed ahead with planning, only to announce that they've shelved plans.

The following announcement appeared on the festival's official website:

"We are really sorry to announce the cancellation of this year’s festival and apologise to artists and ticket-holders alike for any inconvenience this may have caused. Although we originally entertained the idea of taking this year off, as many established festivals do, the hastily scheduled one-day event presented an unviable solution, and events beyond our control have regretfully forced us to knock it on the head. In mitigation, so much time and energy has been spent producing our feature film and, although we hoped to screen the movie at this year’s truncated event, we are simply unable to service both projects to coincide favourably. Furthermore, we are genuinely loath to present something that would basically do the past five years of hard work and commitment, by so many, a fundamental disservice.

On top of all this, we have also been faced with the reality of another local weekend camping festival taking place in very close proximity to our festival site, and the infrastructural implications of the two festival dates being so close to each has been cause for some concern. We are therefore, now of the opinion that the Flat Lake Festival is no longer able to compete in its present form."