Still at a loss for something to do this Saturday night? We would recommend the super Twin Shadow at Crawdaddy, but since that's now sold out we'd like to point out that there's somewhere in Dublin you can see five top Irish acts on the one line up for only a tenner!

Fight Likes Apes, Jape, Heathers and The Minutes will play live at The Button Factory as part of a fundraiser for independent candidate Dylan Haskins, while Adebisi Shank will keep you dancing late into the night with a special DJ Set.

Ok, so you're sick to the back teeth of politicians, and to be honest we're not especially politically inclined ourselves (apart from the constant battle to keep the swirling torrents of rage at bay each day). No, we just think this is a cracking line up you wouldn't usually get for such a reasonable price.

Admission will be €15 on the door, but you can purchase tickets right here for just €10 from tickets, where you'll also find tickets for countless theatre and comedy events as well as screenings in the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival which is set to kick off tomorrow.