Yesterday evening, FKA Twigs turned over her Twitter account to SWAI, Ireland's only sex-worker led activist group, to highlight issues with Ireland's laws around sex work and efforts to have it decriminalised here.

FKA Twigs, who was herself briefly a sex worker in England, has been turning over her Twitter account to various groups around the world during lockdown in an effort to raise money, highlight issues facing them, and to platform issues like Ireland's current review of sex work laws.

Currently, the Department of Justice is hosting a survey of those impacted by the laws, with the SWAI arguing for full decriminalisation. In a statement, SWAI said that the current laws "distances us from gardai, thereby losing us as the best placed actors on the ground in the fight against trafficking."

Per SWAI's stats, violence against sex workers has risen 92% since the purchase of sex was criminalised, while the likelihood of sex workers reporting to Gardaí has fallen dramatically.

Here's some of the tweets from FKA Twigs' account.