Where were you when Madonna was dragged across the stage at the BRITs?

Madonna's cape trouble

Let's set the scene: it's the BRITs 2015. Donning an extremely long black cape, Madonna begins to strut ever so calmly to the main stage. She begins to belt out the beginning of her performance of 'Living For Love,' and starts to quickly unravel her tightly tied cape. Sadly, it was not quick enough.


Sarah Harding "wetting" herself

10 years ago, Girls Aloud won the public vote of Best British Single for 'The Promise.' After comedian Alan Carr makes the announcement, Sarah Harding is visibly incredibly excited. When they eventually make it to the stage however, Sarah drops "I think I've just wet myself... here" before passing the microphone to much more mellow bandmate Nadine Coyle. We'll have what Sarah's having, please.


Harry Styles ill-timed toilet break

Continuing with the theme of wee, Harry Styles nearly missed being on stage with his band mates in 2014, as he went for a toilet break. One Direction had just won the Global Success Award when the four members took to the stage, resulting in Liam Payne asking the audience "Has anyone seen a curly-headed one?" Moments later, Styles legs it to the stage and asks the lads what award they had just won. Live TV gold, or an elaborate set-up?


Robbie Williams challenging Liam Gallagher to a fight

Although the pair never actually came to blows, there was a lot of too-ing and fro-ing from both camps. Taking to the stage after winning Best British Single in 2000 for 'She's The One,' Robbie Williams taunts,"Would anybody like to see me fight Liam?" In retaliation at the Q Awards a few months later, Liam said his award was "for Robbie... He understands the letter Q." It's believed Williams' hatred for Oasis started when Noel Gallagher said he was just a "fat dancer from Take That." Meow.


Jarvis Cocker getting chased around Michael Jackson's stage

"You know what Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song' needs? Me." thought Jarvis Cocker. 1996 was the year that Michael Jackson was given nearly a full 10 minutes on the BRIT Awards stage. At the 4.40 mark you can see Cocker sneak in, before being hilariously chased by security while the actual stage extras tried to remain looking sorrowful. A BRIT Award failure, or a funny jaunt on stage? You decide.

The 2019 BRIT Awards are taking place at London's O2 Arena tonight, and will be hosted once again by Jack Whitehall.