A biopic about former Smiths talisman Morrissey has been announced. The film, to be produced by Manchester-based company Honlodge Productions, is described by them as "a love letter to Steven Patrick Morrissey and the dark satanic mills of Manchester."

The film will focus on Morrissey's early, pre-Smiths days and currently has the working title of 'Steven' and it's not currently known whether or not Morrissey has endorsed this cinematic exploration of his youth.

Director Mark Gill said of the project, which is due to begin shooting at the end of the year: "This film is more of a portrait than a conventional biopic. It's as much a film for non-Morrissey fans as it is for die hard devotees."

Orian Williams, the film's producer, previously worked on the film 'Control' about the life of Joy Division's Ian Curtis. The lead role of the introverted Curtis was played excellently by English actor Sam Riley, who would surely be in consideration for the Morrissey role too.

Who would be in consideration for the lead role? Let's gave into our crystal balls, shall we?

Sam Riley

Perhaps one of the frontrunners for the role, given his history working with producer Orian Williams on the Ian Curtin biopic Control. He clearly has the acting chops, too. But can he pull off the look well enough? He might have a bit more of a Pete Doherty thing going on.


Joseph Gordon Levitt

He would be a long shot for the role but JGL has spoken in interviews in the past of his love for all things Morrissey. He might be seen as a little bit too 'Hollywood' to play a young man in 1980's Manchester though but, knowing this man's music taste, we're sure he'd be into the project.

Robert Pattinson

If we are casting this purely based upon head size Mr Pattinson would win the role hands down but one can only assume that the project's casting directors are looking for more than just cranial size in their hunt for the perfect Steven Patrick Morrissey.

Mathew Horne

Gavin of Gavin & Stacey fame is another who bears more than a passing resemblance to our Moz but does he have the necessary acting chops?

David Tennant

At 43 years old, casting David Tennant as a young Morrissey might be a bit of a stretch but, in our opinions anyway, he certainly looks the part.