Blondie have revealed details of their first studio album in over seven years. 'Panic of Girls' will follow 2003's 'The Curse of Blondie' and will be released in Australia in November ahead of its release worldwide in 2011.

Speaking to, drummer Clem Burke said, "We tried to make the recording process as organic as possible ... [We] tried to stay away from programming as much as we could, because ['The Curse Of Blondie'] had a lot of programming on it. So, in the spirit of Woodstock, we kept going in the studio and playing."

Just a few months ago, Blondie played live in Ireland at Cork's Live at the Marquee, Dublin's Vicar St and Belfast's Nugent Hall. The band played some of their new songs on their recent tour with The Pretenders and Burke admitted they've gotten a great response so far.

"We've been getting a great reception with the new material. We're doing about five or six of them in the show, which is kind of difficult for people, hearing new material for the first time at a show. But we've been doing really well with it."

The album's track list has not been finalised yet, but around 14 of 35 newly recorded songs are expected to feature, including 'What I Heard', 'The End' and 'Mother', which the band have been playing live.