These Swedish sisters (Johanna, 18, and Klara, 15) first came to the attention of many with their endearing cover of Fleet Foxes' 'Tiger Mountain Peasant Song' on YouTube last year, but their original material is just as beguiling. Originally released in 2008 on The Knife's label in their native Stockholm, 'Drunken Trees' is their eight-track debut (aforementioned cover has been tacked on for its international re-release), and is a demonstration of the young duo's potential.

These are largely sparse folk tunes, imbued with a natural aura but certainly not a naïve one. It's almost alarming that musicians of such tender years can conceive of some of the lyrical themes on offer here; there's a current of sadness running many of 'Drunken Trees''s songs, particularly the melancholic 'Tangerine' ("Another business trip, another reason to stay away / Coming home on Monday smelling tangerine… They say that I should leave you").

It's far from a gloomy record, however; there's a fairytale sparkle about the haunting piano/guitar-driven opener 'Little Moon', 'You're Not Coming Home Tonight' veers towards alt-country, while the pair's closely-spun harmonies lend themselves brilliantly to the dark 'Jagadamba, You Might'. Emphasising the organic nature of the EP most adeptly is 'Cross Oceans', with its rap-rap-rap beat and slightly unnerving bassline, but 'Drunken Trees' really works best as a whole collection.

It's not the finished article, but it's certainly the start of a breadcrumb trail that could lead to something very sweet (a full-length offering is due later this year). To cap it all off, their MySpace proclaims 'We aim for the hearts, not the charts!'. What's not to love?