Having previously recorded with Johnny Marr and Radiohead's Ed O'Brien on his 2001 live album '7 Worlds Collide', former Crowded House frontman Neil Finn has once again roped them in along with a host of other all star friends for a new charity double album.

The album is to be called 'The Sun Came Out' and proceeds will benefit Oxfam International. As well as Marr and O'Brien, the album will also feature performances from members of Wilco, who collaborate with Marr on the track 'Too Blue', as well as O'Brien's Radiohead bandmate Phil Selway singing lead vocals for the first time on 'The Ties That Bind Us'. Meanwhile, KT Tunstall sings a duet with Finn himself on 'Hazel Black'.

'The Sun Came Out' is due for releas on August 10th. The tracklist is below:


1   Too Blue
2   You Never Know
3   Little by Little
4   Learn to Crawl
5   Black Silk Ribbon
6   Girl, Make Your Own Mind Up
7   Run in the Dust
8   Red Wine Bottle
9   The Ties That Bind Us
10 Reptile
11 Bodhisattva Blues
12 What Could Have Been

1   All Comedians Suffer
2   Duxton Blues
3   Hazel Black
4   Riding the Wave
5   The Witching Hour
6   Over And Done
7   Change of Heart
8   Don't Forget Me
9   Long Time Gone
10 The Cobbler
11 3 Worlds Collide
12 The Water