Now that Ireland's official anthem for Euro 2016 has been revealed, we can start learning all the words to Seo Linn's 'The Irish Roar', right?

In any case, we can start reminiscing about the good ol' days of football anthems in the past.

Bearing in mind that the below songs have all have time to percolate and seep into the public's consciousness (and hearts) over the years, how do you think 'The Irish Roar' compares?

Let's take a trip down memory lane: here are the best (and worst) Irish football anthems.

(And the obligatory C'MON IRELAND, of course.)



Let's just be clear: there will never. ever. EVER. be a better football anthem, Irish or otherwise, than Put 'Em Under Pressure. There's a reason this song is still dragged out at Irish weddings 26 years after it was released, and that is because it instils a sense of national pride in ways that few other songs can. Sampling the riff from Horslips 'An Dearg Doom' and co-written by Larry Mullen of U2, we'll always be part of Jackie's Army. Sniff. Altogether now: "The game is about being effective, being aggressive... winning the ball, getting on with the playing... we'll put 'em under pressure! OLE OLE OLE OLE... etc.



Christy Moore's tale of the fictional Joxer travelling to the German city for the first international tournament that Ireland ever qualified for is still a feel-good gem - not least because it documents that time we beat England 1-0 (thank you, Ray Houghton), but also because it's sung to the Match of the Day theme. And how can that put anyone in a bad mood? It was released in 1989, but will be forever associated with Euro '88.


(USA '94)

A forgotten song in Irish footballing anthem lore, but one that should not be overlooked – although it's proven one that has split fans' opinions over the years. Aslan's Christy Dignam provided the vocals for the song (as we managed to tentatively deduce/confirm via Twitter) and it even managed to get to No.1.


GIVE IT A LASH JACK (Italia '90)

Another one from Italia '90, a tournament that will remain in the memories of Irish football fans for decades – nay, centuries – to come. Performed by songwriter Liam Harrison and the Goal Celebrities, it's still capable of putting a smile on your face – not least because of Harrison's pronunciation of 'Maradonneh' and 'Repub-a-lic'. Gwan yis good tings, etc.


THE GAME (Italia '90)

This one will bring back plenty of memories for people of a certain age, who now cannot hear Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start the Fire' without substuting the lyrics for "Were gonna start a fire / And when Rome is burning, there'll be no returning / Were gonna start a fire / We have Jack to mind us and the fans behind us". Performed by one-time Dublin showband The Memories, it was another gem from Italia '90, which was clearly a purple patch for Irish football-related music.



If there's one man who can make a rousing anthem out of an old folk ballad, it's Damien Dempsey. The Dubliner provided the official anthem for Euro 2012 with his take on 'The Rocky Road to Dublin', with a bit of help from the song's originators The Dubliners, as well as Danny O'Reilly of The Coronas and Bressie. At least it was for charity.



What's that you say? No, it's definitely not like Jedward to hop on a bandwagon of any kind. Definitely not. I'm sure they have kicked a football in their life. I'm sure they do know what the offside rule is. In any case, it doesn't matter. Jedward released a Euro 2012 song, and it is what it is.


(World Cup 2002)

Eurovision was not Nicky Byrne's first foray into non-Westlife territory. In 2002, he was part of a gang that also included Dustin the Turkey and Christy Dignam (again) on their football-related cover of A House's 'Here Come the Good Times'. Unfortunately, it fared about as well as Ireland did in that tournament.