You may already have seen the video from Metallica's gig in Amsterdam the other day, where frontman James Hetfield took a wee tumble into a trapdoor.

Hetfield - who recovered admirably, it must be said – was only continuing the great tradition of musicians falling off and over things on stage, which serves to remind us that they are but mere mortals.

With that in mind, here are some of the more memorable falls, trips and tumbles that musicians have taken in more recent years.

(Disclaimer: no famous people were irrepairably injured in the making of this list).


Absolute classic. The opening night of U2's Innocence + Experience tour in Vancouver and guitarist The Edge falls off... the edge of the stage. Ah, sure he was grand.


Gaga has taken quite a few tumbles in her time – it's those outlandish costumes and high heels, we suspect – but this one, where she not only falls off the piano put also the piano stool, is one of our favourites. And she didn't miss a note. What a pro.



Oof, this one had to hurt. During a concert in Nuremberg, Germany, Pink was to be strapped into a harness and lifted aloft the stage. She quickly realised that something was amiss and attempted to signal to the operator, but they didn't see her and she was dragged off stage and into a barrier.



We'll never forget watching this live on the Brit Awards in 2015. Madonna shows up looking like Fr. Dougal McGuire in his matador finest, but her cape failed to unbutton properly and she was dragged backwards down several steps by a dancer who we assume is still exiled in deepest, darkest Siberia to this day. Cape designer Giorgio Armani later called her 'difficult' and said it was her own fault for wanting a tie, and not a hook as was originally intended.



The Nicest Man in Rock took one of the worst falls off stage that we've seen in recent years during only the second song of Foo Fighters' set in Gothernberg, Sweden in 2015 after tripping over a cable. Like the pro that he is, he calmly announced from the ground - presumably in excruciating pain – 'I think I just broke my leg!' and insisting that the band play a couple of songs while he went to the hospital. Sure enough, he was back to continue the gig literally from a stretcher an hour or so later.



Beliebers won't like this one, but those with a irrational dislike of the sullen pop star will enjoy it. Similar to Hetfield's mishap, Bieber forgot that there was a hole in the stage during his 'Purpose' tour stop-off in Saskatoon, Canada. “Good thing I'm like a cat and landed on my feet,” he said after sheepishly clambering back out. “That scared the fuck outta me !" Thanks for the laugh, Biebs.



In the final installment of our 'musicians falling down holes on stage' series, we bring you rapper Travis Scott. If you've seen Drake's tremendous 'Boy Meets World' show, you'll be aware that the pinnacle of the gig is an amazing colour-changing globe that inflates out of a hole on the stage. Apparently Drizzy's guest Travis Scott forgot about said hole. He also wrecked the globe so that it couldn't inflate that night, the ninny.


The footage from this spectacular fall is poor quality, but you get the impression. Headbanging her way down a flight of stairs, the inevitable happens when Bey loses her footing and slides, trips and faceplants at the end of them. How apt that she was singing 'Survivor', because girl got straight back up and carried on like it wasn't no thang. Kween.