Not every 10-year-old would know what to do if you stuck them behind a set of decks - but when your dad's Fatboy Slim, it's like learning the family trade.

Norman Cook's daughter Nelly (whose mum is Zoe Ball) recently took over her father's Facebook page recently to play her first public set as 'Fat Girl Slim', and guess what? She's not half bad.

It was part of Camp Bestival's 'Easter Sleepover' virtual gig, with Cook explaining: "Nelly has watched me DJ for all of her 10 years on the planet and one day thought, "How hard can this be?"

During her 53-minute set, Cook makes several cameos in the background, which led to an embarrassed Nelly holding up an amusing sign saying: "Bad Dad Dancing. Sorry."

Watch it below or at Fatboy Slim's Facebook page here.