If you're a Father Ted fan, you'll be delighted that this year's Electric Picnic will cater for your exquisite taste.

'A Song for Europe' - aka one of the best episodes (in our humble opinion) is 20 years old this year - and to celebrate, the people behind the My Lovely Horse Ranch are staging their own 'A Rubbish Song for Europe' song contest at the festival.

It'll be run by Neil Hannon (aka Mr. Divine Comedy) and Cathy Davey; Hannon, of course, wrote both 'My Lovely Horse' and the theme music for the series, 'Songs of Love'.

The best news? It's open to the public - aka you. You can submit your rubbish song via homemade video, and the worst/best 15 will be invited to perform it on the My Lovely Horse Ranch stage at EP.

As Neil Hannon says: 'I recall receiving an excited phone call in early '96 from Graham asking for, amongst other strange things, a 'really cheesy Eurovision song' - for which he and Arthur would provide the words. I said yes. When I received the lyrics I laughed a lot, and then knocked it out on the guitar almost instantaneously. My Lovely Horse went on to be widely regarded as 'THE GREATEST SONG EVER WRITTEN'. Now go, my people, and do likewise. It's your big chance - screw it up!'

To get the ball rolling, he and Davey have uploaded their own entry 'Tiffin Tin' to YouTube, which you can see below.

If you'd like to enter, you can do so by uploading a basic home-produced video via this link by July 1st. Entries must be under 2 minutes long.


Are you a Father Dick Byrne/Father Cyril McDuff combo, or more of a Father Ted Crilly/Father Dougal McGuire duo? Only one way to find out...