It has been just over 23 years since Richey Edwards, former guitarist with Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers, disappeared without a trace.

In the years since his disappearance there have been numerous theories about what may have happened to him - including alleged sightings in places like Goa, India and Lanzarote - and although he was 'officially presumed dead' in 2008, his family have continued to hold out hope that one day he will return or be found.

A taxi driver allegedly picked him up from a hotel in Newport and later got out at the Severn View service station, where his car was later found abanonded. 

Now, his sister Rachel Elias has come forward with what she calls 'vital new information' in Edwards' disappearance. She told ITV: "We were told that Richard crossed the bridge at 2:55pm. And we have the toll booth receipt that says 2:55. So we were led to believe there was an eight hour window between his time of departing the hotel to crossing the Bridge on that same day.

"But it’s since come to light by tracking down the person who made the [bridge’s time recording] machines and making enquiries that that was a 24 hour clock, it always was. So that meant 2:55 was 2:55am. So we were appealing to people to have seen him at certain times that day when actually those times are meaningless now.

“We are hoping that it will establish a new line of enquiry because this is vital information that changes everything and turns it all on its head and needs to be looked at again.”