Following the release of their recent Greatest Hits collection 'Believers Never Die', Fall Out Boy have decided to take an 'indefinite' break.

In a recent interview, bass player Pete Wentz admitted "My biggest personal reason for taking a break is that I feel my name has become a hindrance for the band". He also said he though the world "needs a little less Pete Wentz". I couldn't agree more, Pete.

The Illinois foursome have five albums under their belts, including last year's 'Folie A Deux', which is certified platinum in Australia, gold in the US and silver in the UK.

A spokesperson told "It's a break with an indefinite date when they're coming back." Wentz has denied reports that the band are splitting for good, and told MTV "I don't think I would use the word 'hiatus' because I think that word has gotten a dirty name, especially if you say 'indefinite hiatus...I wouldn't use the word 'breakup' because that's not true. It's a break"