Faithless have become the first band to create in a music video in conjunction with an advertising campaign. A number of weeks ago the dance music outfit announced that they had joined forces with Fiat for a new type of cross-promotion, which would see the new Fiat Punto Evo feature in the video for Faithless' new single 'Feelin' Good'. In exchange, a clip from the video will be used as an ad for the car, thus giving the band exposure on national television during commercial breaks. Fiat will even be releasing a Feelin' Good Punto Evo car model to go away with the promotion.

Of the video, which is being dubbed a 'promerical', the band commented, "We're always looking at new ways to get our music to different audiences and exploring new ideas. The idea of showing our latest video on TV during an ad break is a first for us or any other band."

The video itself features two Punto Evos with dancing voodoo dolls hanging from their rear view mirrors. It's all sort of hilarious considering the Fiat Punto is probably the least cool car on the market, but they just about get away with it.