International newcomer Kimbra will release her debut album Vows on Friday July 20th. Recorded and arranged at home as well as in various studios, additional tracks for the European version were recorded in Los Angeles with producers and songwriters Mike Elizondo and Greg Kurstin. Vows presents Kimbra’s unique worldview on life and love. Even at twenty-one years of age, Kimbra already possesses the maturity and musical sophistication of the mavericks she is so often compared to - from vocal legends Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley, to radicals the likes of Prince, and contemporary artists such as Björk and Janelle Monaé.

Kimbra is best known up to now for her guest vocal duties on Gotye's massive hit 'Somebody That I Used To Know'. The video for the song has received over 99 million views online and countless more radio plays.

Originating from Hamilton, New Zealand, Kimbra has been performing her jazz-inflected pop since she was 14. Spending her early years gigging around her native New Zealand, it was only once Kimbra borrowed a small eight-track recorder from her school’s musical department that her song writing blossomed in earnest. This new tool opened up a new perspective, leading to a flurry of tracks that featured her signature layered vocals.

We have secured a free stream of Vows for your listening pleasure, so check it out below. You can purchase the album right here.