They may still be best-known for their song 'Missing', but Everything But the Girl have been celebrated for their extensive discography since first forming in 1982.

However, the English duo of Tracy Thorn and Ben Watt have not released an album since 1999's 'Temperamental' - and have said over the years that it was highly unlikely that they would make music together again, despite their respective solo careers and the fact that they're a married couple.

Nevertheless, it seems that their stance on making a new record has softened as Thorn took to Twitter yesterday to reveal that a new Everything But the Girl album would be released in 2023.

The news was met with resounding positivity, prompting Thorn to later tweet "OMG you're all amazing. I tweeted that and then went out for the evening. Cannot believe this outpouring of love and support and joy. Will have more news for you all soon. In the meantime - thank you, and huge love to you all xxx"

The duo formed after meeting at the University of Hull in 1982 and played together until 2000. 'Missing' became a global hit when it was remixed by DJ/producer Todd Terry in 1995.

This new album will be their 11th studio album.