London rapper Dave gave the most powerful performance of the night at the BRIT Awards.

The 21-year-old generated headlines last summer at Glastonbury when he invited a youngster on stage to rap his song 'Thiago Silva'.

However, his performance of 'Black' at the BRITs proved a lot less frivolous as the song, taken from his album 'Psychodrama', is an exploration of racism and identity.

He used his platform to diverge from the song's lyrics as he stood up from the piano and said 'It is racist, whether or not it feels racist / The truth is, our Prime Minister's a real racist / They say 'You should be grateful, we're the least racist' / I say 'the least racist' is still racist'.

He also rapped: 'If you don't wanna get it, then you're never gonna get  /  How the news treats Kate versus how they treated Meghan', paid tribute to Jack Merritt, the young man who was murdered at the London Bridge attacks in December, and referenced how 'Grenfell victims still need accommodation'.

Dave would go on to win 'Best Album' for 'Psychodrama' later in the night.

Watch his performance and see the reaction below: