Songwriter Shay Healy's Eurovision trophy has been stolen from his bathroom, and he's not one bit happy about it.

The 74-year-old Healy - who wrote 'What's Another Year', which was sung by Johnny Logan and won the Eurovision for Ireland in 1980 - penned an angry Facebook post denouncing the thief and demanding the trophy's return.

"Some low down, dirty rotten, low life thug, some audacious, irreverent, disrespectful and rude ass***e, has stolen my Eurovision Trophy which I won in The Hague in Holland in 1980," he wrote. "A couple of Saturdays ago I celebrated my seventy fourth birthday and this past Thursday was the thirty seventh anniversary of winning the Eurovision Song Contest. So in years I’ve had my trophy on view for half my lifetime.

"Who would steal such a thing? It’s not like it was any great shakes as a piece of art. It was a clear plastic multi layered ornament that had a gold coin floating in the interior of it. Is there some young fellow in his bedroom standing in front a mirror with a hairbrush in his hand pretending he’s Johnny Logan, while my precious award sits on his mantelpiece forlorn and bereft of its proper home?"

Healy went on to share his thoughts on how streaming and songs that generate millions of views on Facebook impact negatively on songwriters, and how things have changed in the 37 years since his victory.

Read the full (and entertaining) post here.