There was a Eurovision-shaped hole in the music calendar this year, after the iconic song contest was cancelled for the first time ever in its history.

However, as disappointing as it may be (especially if you're an Icelandic Eurovision fan), the good news is that barring the world ending (let's not even joke about that), Eurovision will definitely happen in Rotterdam in 2021.

Organisers have come up with no less than four contingency plans to avoid another cancellation. The first entails a straightforward set-up with the show happening live in front of a full audience at the Ahoy Arena - although considering this will ‘largely depend on the roll out of a possible vaccine for Covid-19 or the availability of reliable testing’, it seems the most unlikely scenario.

The second plan is for a socially-distanced event, which will see everyone keep 1.5 metres apart and limited numbers on audience members, each country's delegation and press.

The third scenario will see any contestant that are unable to travel to Rotterdam perform from their home countries - with those who are able to travel performing in the Dutch city (along with the interval act).

Finally, the fourth (and most limited) plan will happen if the Netherlands goes into lockdown - meaning that each entry will be performed remotely, with no live event and no build-up events in the weeks leading up to Eurovision.

The decision on which plan to proceed with will be made early next year, with Eurovision 2021 scheduled to take play on May 22nd.