Eurovision will never be the same again: Terry Wogan has said that he's stepping down from his position as host of the BBC's coverage after 37 years.

Wogan was vocal in his distaste of the 'Eastern Bloc' countries voting for each other after May's competition, in which the UK bagged just 14 points.

He told the Radio Times: "I was considering giving up before Belgrade, and now I have to say I'm very doubtful about ever wanting to do Eurovision again.

"Days before [this year's] show, I knew Russia would win. The fact is, Putin was getting nasty, which means the former satellite states were always going to vote for Russia in order to keep the oil coming.

"It's unfortunate, I suppose, but whereas we have always taken Eurovision with a pinch of salt, the former Eastern Bloc countries are not sufficiently versed in the ways of democracy to realise they are supposed to be voting for a song, not a next-door neighbour."