In a shocking decision for next year's contest, the European Broadcasting Union has decided to change up the competition by making it a global affair.

Maybe Ireland will have a chance next year after all? Eurovision 2023 will see two changes play out that is sure to shake things up in a big way.

First up, Eurovision is going global. Wherever you are watching the song contest from next year, whether you're in Europe, down under, the US, Brazil or Timbuktu - you'll be able to cast your vote for your favourite song and nation.

Not only that, but the semi-final aspect of the show will see a major upset. Only viewer's votes will decide who goes through to the grand finale on Saturday night, with the jury aspect being ignored for these two shows. The juries will then make a re-appearance for the usual nail-biting affair at the live final.

The decision is aimed to keep the format of the contest as fresh as it can be, as well as an acknowledgement of the global interest in the competition in recent years. Martin Österdahl, the Eurovision Song Contest’s Executive Supervisor said of these changes: "Throughout its 67-year history the Eurovision Song Contest has constantly evolved to remain relevant and exciting.

"These changes acknowledge the immense popularity of the show by giving more power to the audience of the world’s largest live music event."

Ukraine was the overall winner of last year's show in Italy with the winning song by Kalush Orchestra, 'Stefania'. However, it will be the UK that serves as the host nation, with the contest taking place at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool.

With these changes in place for Eurovision 2023, will this mean that Ireland might finally have a chance at making it an eighth win? No pressure to whoever gets chosen to represent us, but literally the whole world will be watching. Here's hoping it's a bit of a bop.

Brooke Scullion AKA Derry Lipa represented us in Turin this year, but failed to make it past the second semi-final.