Ireland won't be playing at the Euro 2021 championship this summer, but we will be represented at the football tournament in some small way.

U2's Bono and The Edge have collaborated with Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix on the official anthem for Euro 2020.

'We are the People We've Been Waiting For' will be released next Friday, May 14th and was announced on both U2 and Garrix's Instagram pages.

The tournament kicks off on June 11th and will run to July 11th, and of course was postponed from 2020 after the Covid crisis of last year.

Garrix revealed that he was approached in late 2019 to create the anthem, but did not reveal how Bono and The Edge came to collaborate on the track.

"Music is my passion, but I'm also a huge football fan," he said, "so it’s extra special for me to be able to create the official song for what will be the biggest Euro in history."

Meanwhile, The Sun reports that Bono and The Edge are currently in London to film the video, with an insider revealing "Martin adores football so this opportunity was ­massive for him, which is why he aimed for the very top when looking for collaborators.

“He has spent months and months working on this song to make it perfect and once Bono and The Edge were on board, it hit new heights. Martin is known for his dance music but they have really turned it into a proper anthem. It’s incredible.

“They have spoken quite a few times and are in London at the moment working on the video. They can’t wait to get it out there for everyone to listen to really soon.”

U2's last release was a single in collaboration with A.R. Rahman in 2019, titled 'Ahimsa', while Bono also features on a track from the new/final album from late rapper DMX, which has yet to be released.

As for this song? As football anthems go, the biggest question is: will it be as good as Shakira's 2010 World Cup anthem 'Waka Waka'?