Happy New Year! Not to get ahead of ourselves or anything but I've been busily compiling a list of my top ten up and coming acts for 2011. Here at entertainment.ie we figured you might be bored of hearing all about James Blake, Jessie J, The Vaccines, Mona and all the other buzz bands that are being hyped up across the print and online media over the last number of weeks so we thought we'd give it an Irish slant. After all, many of our homegrown bands are every bit as good, if not better, than the above.

On the list are the ten acts that we envision having the brightest future in 2011, even if it's occasionally wishful thinking. They're acts that have been quietly making their mark with excellent singles and EPs but have still yet to put out that all important debut record. We're looking forward to hearing more from each and every one of them in the year to come.

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