The quaint seaside town of Brighton is set to be taken over this week as The Great Escape invades the south coast of the UK for three days of music, sun (hopefully) and hangovers (definitely). Part industry showcase and part music festival, The Great Escape is an immersive musical extravaganza taking place in the various bars, clubs and concert halls that are scattered across the picturesque town. Three days seems to be an appropriate amount of time, allowing just enough time for attendees to have a fantastically debauched time without doing too much irreparable damage to their eardrums and/or livers.

There's been a pretty large Irish contingent at the festival over the last couple of years and this year's representatives will be the likes of Bell X1, Fight Like Apes, And So I Watch You From Afar and Villagers, among others. Also making appearances will be the fantastic Dan Auerbach, the interesting Dinosaur Pile-Up, and (the frankly rather bland) Kasabian, as well as roughly 350 other bands, artists and guest speakers. will be sending John, our rather dashing roving reporter*, over there to cover the event, which he promises to do with gusto and moxie in between sampling Brighton's famous chips and desperately looking up hangover medications online.  Hint: Find something that will put you into a coma and take it back by one notch.

Check back here next week for an in depth recounting of everything that happened over on yonder shores during the festival.

*Editor's note: John wrote this.