Eminem made headlines in October when he delivered a long freestyle that was aired at the BET Awards and which absolutely slaughtered the current President of the United States and his policies.

The video turned out to be the Detroit rapper's most-shared tweet ever and it certainly earned him a lot of attention - but not from the person he wanted it from the most.

In fact, Trump's blanking of the whole affair, rather than the Twitter rant that most people may have expected, annoyed Eminem quite a bit.

In an interview with Shade 45 - his Sirius XM channel - he said: “I was and still am extremely angry, and I can’t stand that motherfucker, and I feel like he’s not paying attention to me. And I was kind of waiting for him to say something … and for some reason, he didn’t say anything. To be continued."

Hear him talk about the situation below (from around the 13:30 mark):