Eminem fans who've been searching long and hard for his rare 1996 debut album need search no longer. At the time only 1,000 cassettes and 100 vinyl copies of the album were made, making an original copy of the album almost impossible to get hold of.

Eminem released Infinite on Web Entertainment in 1996 with the help of the Bass Brothers, featuring performances and production by members of D12. The album was re-released in 2003, but many suspected it to be pirated because the sound quality was so poor.

Now, Slim Shady has released the album, in full, via an online download from his rapper buddy 50 Cent's website, thisis50.ning.com. He has also, very generously (some might say idiotically), made it available completely for free.

Eminem's sixth studio album, "Relapse," was released today. In the run up to the release Eminem has been getting himself in the news quite a bit. Firstly, for starring in a special edition Marvel comic "Punisher/Eminem: Kill You," as well as becoming an animation alongside Family Guy's Stewie for Fox's 'animation domination' evening. Secondly, for featuring "The Wire" star Dominic West in the opening of the new album. Thirdly, for taking on a three night residency on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" beginning tonight on ABC, and flying 200 laid-off autoworkers to L.A. for the performance, and lastly, for being accused of racism by Mariah Carey's husband, Nick Cannon. Who's a busy boy then?