Eminem has announced that his eight studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP2, will be released this November with the first single - 'Berzerk' - premiering this coming Tuesday.

Two trailers (see below) accompanied the announcement, both of which serving as a nice little advertisement for Dr Dre's 'Beats' headphones, with Eminem clearly not adverse to a little product placement at this stage of his career.

Speaking of Dre, he and hip hop uber-producer Rick Rubin will serve as executive producers on TMMLP2.

The two clips - both soundtracked by 'Berzerk' - show Eminem exclaiming that he intends to bring hip hop back to its roots, a claim apparently seconded by his choice of the album title. The original Marshall Mathers LP, released back in 2000, was arguably the most successful of his career and featured hits like 'Stan', 'The Real Slim Shady' and 'The Way I Am'.

Eminem has certainly set the bar pretty high for himself on this one. And hey, if it fails at least he'll have some pretty tasty residuals from Dre's 'Beats' commercials in his bank account.