We've received information today that due to Electric Picnic selling out and the huge demand that remains for tickets, there are a few forgeries and ticket scams flying about so we recommend extreme vigilance if you're still trying to get your hands on a ticket. See below.

Electric Picnic has issued a warning to festival goers about fake tickets circulating on a number of websites and social media.
Promoters said today  "We urge people not to take any chances by purchasing tickets being offered for sale on these sites . There are a huge amount of very convincing forgeries in circulation since the festival has sold out . Make no mistake the fake tickets will be detected on arrival at the festival and the holders will not be let into the festival grounds. Avoid disappointment, do not buy tickets from an unofficial sources’’.

It is very important to point out that no more official tickets will be released to purchase in advance of the festival. The festival is completely sold out. Don’t take any chances.

Ticket scalpers are an on-going issue in the music industry, particularly in regards to festivals. Check out toutless.com.