Start your engines! Electric Picnic, the centrepiece of the Irish festival calendar, is upon us once more. arrived on site in Stradbally at about 4pm and, like walking in freshly fallen snow, we giddily walked around the site to get the lay of the land. While everything is pretty much located where it always is – stages, toilets, food stalls – seeing them every year brings back a reassuring sense of familiarity that you seldom get at other festivals in this country.

This is, in our opinion at least, by far the best conceived festival in Ireland and considerable thought has clearly gone into every single facet of it. Unlike other festivals which offer little in the way of entertainment aside from whatever happens to be on stage, consideration goes into every element of this festival – which is why Electric Picnic has such a stellar reputation both at home and abroad.

We’re not sure what’s happening back home in Dublin but, judging by the grey splutters of rain which assaulted our car when we were leaving the capital city, it may not be that pleasant. Here, however, it’s hot, sunny and clear-skied (mostly, at least).

The music got underway just as we arrived and we can hear Kormac’s Big Band close their set boisterous sound from the confines of the media area. Alabama Shakes are up next there at 5.30, but before that the wonderful Grandaddy are due on stage in the Electric Arena at 5pm, so that’s where you’ll find us.

We’ll check back in later to keep you informed of our movements. Or to make you inconceivably jealous, one or the other.

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