Picnickers who weren't at the main stage just after 7pm missed out on one of Electric Picnic's best shows in recent years where Robert Plant, at 65-years-young (his on stage assertion that he was in his forties proved to be false), played a show for the ages. Roughly half of his set were Led Zeppelin classics, with 'Four Sticks', 'What Is and Can Never Be', 'Whole Lotta Love', 'Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You', 'Rock N' Roll' and 'Black Dog' all making an appearance, mingling with some of his more recent material, including 'The Enchanter' and 'Another Tribe' from his 2005 release Mighty ReArranger.

Age can sometimes be the a singer's worst enemy - just ask Bob Dylan, for example - but the years have done nothing to water down Plant's honeyed vocals. Throughout the course of the hour plus set, Plant never failed to hit a note and, seeing as the band keep shooting down persistent rumours of a reformation, you feel that this might be as close to a Led Zeppelin show that we'll ever see at Electric Picnic. 

Plant even found time for a subtle dig at himself, as a "baby boomer" who "borrowed" music from the Mississippi Delta throughout his career.

Sinead O'Connor and Plant's old pal BP Fallon, who watched Plant's set from the side of the stage, would presumably agree with us when we say that we just witnessed something pretty special.

A couple of hours prior to Plant's set, the Duckworth Lewis Method held court on the main stage and Neil Hannon and his cohort Thomas Walsh seemed to be having as good a time as anyone in the audience. The main stage might seem like an auspicious venue for a band whose entire catalogue is songs about cricket but it worked a charm.

In the midst of all of this, entertainment.ie also caught a bit of Come On Live Long at the Body & Soul stage and a curious patchwork of other attractions, such as a 1920's style swing band and some ragtime guitar in the Bog Cottage. As you do.

For now though, we hear the opening strains of Bjork on the main stage and we really must catch a glimpse. 

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