Bjork is one of those artists who completely defy description, which makes my job particularly difficult on occasions like this. You know the old adage that a picture paints a thousand words? Well so visual is her set, with so many different images to catch the eye, that you'd need to pound out a tome of several hundred thousand words to accurately attempt to describe her performance.

Nonetheless, the Icelander played a set which was suitably typical (at least to us) to the sort of performance we expected. Delightfully irreverent, yet beautifully creative, she is one hell or a performer on stage. Her character has always been an incredibly intriguing one and that sense uniqueness bleeds through to her music. Backed by a 14 piece choir, her set often verged on the bizarre but never did it lose the interest of the crowd, who ate up Bjork's every performance whim. A triumph.

It's been one hell of a ride for Two Door Cinema Club. Since the release of their award-winning debut Tourist History, the trio have been slowly climbing the rock n' roll ladder and last night's (unofficial) Saturday night headline slot confirmed their ascendency to music's elite. Incredibly at home on the cavernous main stage, it looks as though the Co. Down band will take the world by storm over the next few years and we'd happily wager that every one of the 10,000+ watching them last night would agree with us.

After Two Door, caught the end of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's set at the Rankin's Wood Stage, which was absolutely packed to the rafters. The Californian band seemed genuinely appreciate of their time spent in Stradbally, their reception from the crowd and poured this positive sentiment into their performance. The results? A particularly explosive version of their hit 'Spread Your Love' at the business end of their set. Not a bad way to end the evening, let us tell you...