If you've been to Electric Picnic in the past, you'll be aware of just how awesome the site looks with its various installations and art projects on display.

This year, Ireland's biggest music and arts festival has announced an artist-in-residency programme that will award professional visual artists a bursary of €10,000 to collaborate on creating an amazing festival backdrop for the 55,000 people attending Electric Picnic this year.

The D.I.V.A. bursary - which stands for Diverse Individual Visual Artists - will be awarded to either a group of artists who would like to take an opportunity to work together, or in tandem in this environment. Alternatively you can apply as an individual artist, and should you be successful you will be grouped with 2-3 other artists with whom you will collaborate.

The successful applicants will work onsite over two weeks, with their pieces completed and installed by August 25th.

If you have a good idea (and experience in the field), you can apply by emailing [email protected] and you'll find further info at the festival website. A proposal is not necessary - your past work should speak for itself.

Get creating!