You could almost sense the anticipation. I certainly could, anyway. It was 5.30pm on Friday and months of planning, meetings, interviews, editorial work and all manner of incidentals and had all come down to me putting up posters inside The Mercantile hoping that people would actually show up when doors opened in half an hour. Camden Crawl Dublin is this year’s fresh face on the Irish festival calendar and while time would reveal that she would be welcomed with open arms, with thirty minutes to start time the room was looking empty and cavernous. The fears would prove to be unfounded, as what followed was two days of great music. I’ll spare you the ‘Field of Dreams’ quote.

At 6.45pm Belfast’s own Girls Names were the first band on stage in The Mercantile and a sizeable crowd was on hand to witness their dark indie-pop. Dutch Uncles, a band whose reputation back home in Manchester far eclipses any waves they’ve managed to make around these parts yet, were simply fantastic when they began their set around 8pm before Blacklisters took the majority of their equipment from the stage to the floor of The Mercantile and turned things up to eleven. The very definition of ‘in your face’ music.

The very wonderful Logikparty were next up and showed a packed crowd exactly why their debut album Oh Cult! has been on the receiving end of such high praise. Lead singer Benni Johnston is a potential superstar amongst Irish music circles. You’ve been warned.

SertOne and guest DJ Bantum saw the evening through to the bitter end and brought a close to the first night of a festival which has already become a most welcome addition to Ireland’s already extensive summer festival schedule. Here’s to the first of many.

Click above for video interviews with Jape, Le Galaxie, Dutch Uncles, Logikparty, Dels and more.

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