There are a glut of great gigs coming up across the country before the end of the summer (Hello Electric Picnic!), but if you're one of the unfortunates who are unable to get their mitts on an EP ticket there are plenty of other great gigs coming up to ease any festival blues you may have. Consider the following:

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Afterparty with DJ Paul Gallagher - Empire Music Hall - August 20th

Do you like the Gallagher Brothers? Because we've got one of them! Yes, Liam and Noel's older brother will be providing the tunes at the High Flying Birds afterparty in Empire Music Hall. 

Andy Irvine - Grain Store, Ballymaloe and St James' Church, Dingle - 24th and 25th August

Andy Irvine is one of Ireland's most revered and legendary singer-songwriters and you've got TWO chances to check him out this week. C'mon, come to a show. Don't be silly.

Jogging - Whelan's - 25th August

Take Courage, the new album from Jogging, is released on the 24th of this month. Don't miss the chance to see the boys take their new material on a test drive right through Whelan's on Saturday night. Should be explosive!

Cian Nugent - All Saint's Church - 5th September

Mr. Nugent is something fresh in a scene flooded with overly-emotional long haired types who pick away on guitars. But don't take our word for it, go see for yourself.

Arlo Guthrie - St James' Church, Dingle - 8th September

If he wasn't so good himself he'd undoubtedly be stuck with the moniker of "Woody's son", but Arlo has definitely earned himself a strong enough reputation to not be referred to as his father's son. Even though I've sort of done that here. Anyway, go see Arlo Guthrie - he's great.