Ed Sheeran will be tearing himself away from Taylor Swift's side, who he is currently touring with, to return to the UK and release more music. The news came during a Twitter Q&A when a fan queried about when they should next expect to her new material, with Sheeran replying 'January'.

The productive young writer also revealed he has already written about forty songs for the follow up album to +, which was the A Team writer's debut album. From the forty songs chosen, Sheeran plans on culling it down to a more manageable fourteen.

The singer also revealed the album will have a heavier 'more hip-hop-like' beat and will focus on relationships more than his previous work. He may be a talented singer-songwriter but a man with a Taylor Swift tattoo and the same light sensitivities as a mole turning into a hip-hop artist may be too much for some fans. Thin ice Sheeran, thin ice.