It's only been a few months since Ed Sheeran released his latest album 'Subtract' - but more new music is on the way very soon.

Sheeran has teased a new album that he says is 'about autumn' and is expected to be released imminently.

Earlier this month he shared an Instagram post that declared 'Autumn is coming' and last week he shared an infomercial-style post that advertised a 'damper hamper' of various items associated with

It looks like new music is on the way this week - Thursday 24th, to be exact - as the phone number given in the infomercial leads to an automated message at 'Gingerbread Man Records', which tells callers that all 'damper hampers' are sold out but will be restocked on August 24th.

Sheeran told Andy Cohen: "It’s an album about autumn. I kind of have no expectations for it. I made it whilst — there was the album I was trying to make, and then  (Subtract) happened. So I finished over the last year."

His latest tongue-in-cheek promo is another infomercial-style post that tries (and fails) to sell the concept of a "British Autumn" to fans, encouraging them to "embrace the grey".