Ed Sheeran may be on a year off from music, but the mechanations of the music industry continue in his absence.

The ginger singer is being sued for a reported $20 million by two songwriters, Thomas Leonard and Martin Harrington, who claim that Sheeran's song 'Photograph' rips off their own song 'Amazing', which was sung by former X Factor winner Matt Cardle.

They filed the lawsuit in an LA court yesterday, which alleges: "The chorus sections of ‘Amazing’ and the infringing ‘Photograph’ share 39 identical notes – meaning the notes are identical in pitch, rhythmic duration, and placement in the measure.

“The songs’ similarities reach the very essence of the work. The similarities go beyond substantial, which is itself sufficient to establish copyright infringement, and are in fact striking. The similarity of words, vocal style, vocal melody, melody, and rhythm are clear indicators, among other things, that ‘Photograph’ copies ‘Amazing’.”

'Amazing' reached number 84 in the UK charts upon its release in 2012.

What do you think - is there a similarity? Listen to both songs below: