First he was on Twitter and all was well with the world. Then he said that he doesn't use it anymore because people say mean things to him. Then, after the backlash following his appearance on Game of Thrones the other day, he deleted his account in a tantrum.

Now, it seems that Ed Sheeran has done the social media equivalent of gingerly picking up his toys from outside of his pram and has re-activated his account.

However, there's a catch: his bio now says "I don't use this anymore, please follow me on @teddysphotos on instagram, lots of love x" - and indeed, the majority of his tweets are linked to his Instagram account.

He hasn't commented on his about-turn, but you would suspect that it had something to do with the fact that he has a waiting audience of 13.6 million followers and management tut-tutted at the idea of letting that go... but his most recent Instagram post (below) doesn't seem bothered about the whole thing.

Ed... you do realise that people can write mean things on Instagram too - right?


Wine and Wire. Woof.

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