As pointed out to us by our pals over in Today FM, a closer look at a press image recently circulated regarding Ed Sheeran's recent Dublin gig announcement reveals that the UK-based singer - who has large familial ties to Ireland - has an Irish sentence tattooed on his arm. See below.

The words in question are "nuair is gá dom fháil bhaile, is tú mo réalt eolais" which is meant to be a translation of Foy Vance's lyrics from his song 'Guiding Light', on which Ed lends his warbling. The lyrics as bearla are: "when I need to get home, you’re my guiding light" but one comment accompanying the story suggests that Sheeran has made a balls of the translation to Irish and it actually reads: "When I need to home, get, you are my astronomy". This writer must confess that his Irish isn't good enough to confirm or deny.

We definitely prefer that latter version, though. Nice going, Ed.