Ed Sheeran was performing in Croker over the weekend as part of his worldwide 'Mathematics' tour. But what people couldn't get over was the sheer noise of it.

A lot of people on Twitter joined in the conversation about Ed Sheeran's Croke Park gigs, but it was to talk about how loud it was. But, there are worse things to lull you to sleep than the sound of 'Shape of You'. Right?

But it wasn't everyone's cuppa tea.

People were trying to estimate where the furthest place that you could hear it from was.

And while some people didn't mind Sheeran, they began to look to the future with fear.

Look at it this way though, the folks who heard him from the comfort of their gaff didn't have to fork out for a ticket. Win-win?

Have you got your tickets for the Cork and Limerick gigs? Maybe we'll still be able to hear him in Dublin, who knows.