Ed Sheeran looks set to be one of the highest-grossing musical artists from 2018 with these figures.

It's believed that Ed Sheeran, the red-haired lad who used to be a busker, has raked in a serious amount of cash from touring and songwriting in 2018.

Sheeran's third world tour, 'Divide,' began in 2017 and won't finish up until later this year. Newly published accounts have revealed that the 'A Team' singer earned a staggering £38.8 million (€43.1) from touring alone last year; which works out to about £106,000 (€117,000) a day.

Not only that, if you add in his songwriting ability into the fray, he added an additional £75,000 (€83,300) each day in 2018 too.

According to The Sun, Sheeran has made £342 (€380) million last year, earning him the prize of the most cash made by a musician in a single year. Sheeran has sold 4.9 million tickets worldwide, which is hauling in the singer £6.5 (€7.2) million per week.

These figures have already doubled what the singer made with his previous tour 'Multiply,' which grossed £119 (€132) million back in 2014 and 2015.

It's believed that Taylor Swift has also enjoyed quite a flush year. She earned £244 (€271) million in 2018 for her 'Reputation' tour, which recently had a two-hour special released on Netflix.

And it really is no wonder that Sheeran has become one of the highest-earning artists of our generation. Ed Sheeran has written songs for many artists in 2018 alone - from Boyzone's lead single from their final album 'Because'; to Olly Murs' 'Moves' featuring Snoop Dogg; and even Little Mix's smash hit 'Woman Like Me.'

Late last year, Sheeran took to the stage with Beyonce in South Africa, to perform their 2017 Christmas number one single, 'Perfect.'