It's been an interesting week for Bob Dylan as regards advertising and such like.  He's notoriously picky about who he lets use his music, and on Wednesday it was confirmed that he had greenlit the use of Blowin' In The Wind for use by British corporation, The Co-Operative Group in a national campaign, who run supermarkets, funeral homes and banking service, among other things. He has in the past let U.S. companies Cadillac, Apple and Victoria's Secret use his compositions in their advertising, but this will be the first time he has given permission to British advertisers. Even at that, his consent was determined by the company's dedication to fair trade and ethical guidelines.

So then, despite the fact that Bob is no stranger to appearing in commercials, it seems odd that in the same week the rock icon should decide that the next thing on his agenda is to team up with rapper and Black Eyed Pea to sing a song specifically written for Pepsi in a Super Bowl advertisement. The Super Bowl takes places this Sunday 1st Feb and Pepsi have bough 2-3 minutes of ad space in which they are considering showing the ad, reports They may even consider selling the song on iTunes! You've got to wonder why Pepsi has made it onto Dylan's elite list of endorsed products. Is it just that it's better than Coke?