Robin Thicke's huge summer hit 'Blurred Lines' has been the subject of renewed controversy in recent days after Queen's University in Belfast banned the song from being played on campus and now Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon has weighed in on the issue, saying that Robin Thicke made a "mistake" by releasing the song and it's X-Rated music video.

Le Bon told the Telegraph that, while he doesn't believe that Thicke is a misogynist, he thinks that 'Blurred Lines' leaves itself open to criticism by equality campaigners.

"The problem with Robin Thicke's video is it disempowered all the women in it.", Le Bon said. "I think Robin made a bit of a mistake, because he's not a bad guy, he's not a misogynist, but he's getting off on the chicks in the video and all that stuff. The theme of the song is, 'You say you don't want it, but you do', and that's, actually, quite scary if you carry it through, so I felt that that was a mistake."

Thicke, responding to the criticism in an interview with the BBC, said: "I don't think people got it out here in the UK in those positions of power. I think the kids get it. I just have to deal with that. I wrote it about my wife. She's my good girl. And I know she wants it because we've been together for 20 years so I can vouch for that."

Joining Queen's University in banning the song have been the University of Edinburgh, University College London, as well as institutions in Leeds, Kingston, Derby and West Scotland - movements which apparently baffle Thicke, who claims that the song is a "feminist movement within itself."

Well, that's debatable Robin.