Skrillex is being sued by a concertgoer who alleges that the dubstep DJ caused her to suffer a stroke at one of his concerts in Los Angeles in February 2012.

The DJ is well-known for his stage-diving antics and frequently bounds into the crowd during live performances. 

Jennifer Fraissl has filed the complaint in Los Angeles two years after she claims she suffered a stroke after Skrillex stage-dived onto her during a live performance, maintaining that the stroke was a result of trauma caused by the incident.

As per reports in TMZ, Fraissl alleges that Skrillex told the audience to push up to the front of the stage while she was near the front meaning it was impossible for her to move or avoid the DJ when he jumped towards her.

It is understood that Fraissl is seeking unspecified damages, medical expenses and loss of income against Skrillex and the concert venue. The video below does show Skrilex stagediving at the show in question but it's unclear whether or not this is the leap which caused Fraissl's injuries.