If you're a fan of those silly Cadbury's ads with the drumming gorilla (no, they're not 'deadly'), listen up - you have a chance to meet your idol next week.

'Fans' will be essentially able to see a grown man in a gorilla costume drum to crap '80s tunes like 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' and 'In the Air Tonight' at the following locations:

Monday, September 22nd: HMV Grafton Street @ 1pm and HMV, Drogheda @ 4.30pm.
Tuesday, September 23rd: HMV Cork @ 12pm
Wednesday, September 24th: HMV Limerick @ 12pm
Thursday, September 25th: HMV Galway @ 12pm
Friday, September 26th:  HMV Grafton Street @ 1pm and HMV, Blanchardstown @ 4.30pm

Have fun...