If you're still not on Tik Tok and were looking for a sign that now's the right time to join - well, here it is.

The one and only Dolly Parton is the latest star to hitch her wagon to the social media platform - and even launched her new single 'Berry Pie' on it, for good measure.

The track is available for fans to use for free in their own videos, which is a canny marketing strategy for the country icon.

@dollyparton We can laugh the years away 🙃 #DollyTok #berrypie ♬ Berry Pie - Dolly Parton

She's wasted no time in posting videos and has already racked up a whopping 734.5k followers and 2.4 million likes on her videos in just a few days.

And by the looks of it, we can expect random soundbites about spuds as well as archive footage from the 76-year-old legend's vaults.

@dollyparton You know, I’ve never met a spud I didn’t like! 🥔 @WIRED.COM #DollyTok #berrypie ♬ original sound - Dolly Parton

Parton was inducted into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame last month, after initially declining the nomination. Her last album release was 'Diamonds and Rhinestones' earlier this year.

Fans hoping for a glimpse into her personal life on Tik Tok might be disappointed, though: Parton is notoriously private about her relationships, particularly with husband Carl Dean, whom she married in 1966.

In the meantime, there's always clips about cake to enjoy...

@dollyparton I’ve had my fair share of baking blunders, and the holidays are full of them! Share your holiday #bakingblunders with me using #berrypie🧁 ♬ Berry Pie - Dolly Parton