We're so fortunate to have Dolly Parton in our lives. She just fills the world with joy, laughter and music.

The world-renowned musician appeared on 'The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon' last night and spun a yarn that the talk show host and audience totally fell for. She was on the show to promote her new Netflix series 'Dolly Parton's Heartstrings', which premieres on the streaming service tomorrow.

A lot of topics were covered in her interview with Fallon as they chatted about 'Golden Girls', TBT on Instagram, perfume, and the history behind some of her hit songs. She even sang a little of "9 to 5" with the host and his band.

She wraps it all up with a hilarious story set at a pancake house.

"We were in the restaurant, we were having our meal and this old man came over to our table," Parton explained. After the man left, Parton went up to pay her bill. She was told, "Your grandpa left his bill here too."

Parton was furious at being scammed but paid the man's bill. She spotted the man on the street outside and confronted him. Then he beat her on the chest with his walking stick.

When Fallon asked, completely engrossed, what happened next, Parton replied, "What do you mean, what happened? These two big lumps came up and they never did go down."

Watch the interview below.