It looks like CBeebies' Bedtime Stories may be the new 'Carpool Karaoke' for celebs and musicians who want to gain some kudos but are a little more savvy about who they fraternise with (i.e. not J***s C****n).

Following Josh Homme's bizarre-but-well-received Bedtime Story which was broadcast a few days ago, it's just been announced that none other than Dolly Parton is to read her own Bedtime Story later this month. month.

The country music icon will read Louise Yates's 'Dog Loves Books' - a story about a dog who (you guessed it) loves books so much that he opens his own bookshop.

Parton said: "It's an honour to be reading for CBeebies Bedtime Stories as encouraging children to develop a love of books from an early age is very important to me. I hope my songs and stories inspire the CBeebies audience in the UK. Thank you for having me!"

Her episode is set to be broadcast on Wednesday, October 25th at 6.50pm.